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Ambien (Zolpidem Tablets)

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Basic information about Ambien:

Zolpidem tartrate is a drug used to treat sleep problems. Ambien tablets should only be used at the lowest possible dose and for a maximum of four weeks. This will reduce the likelihood of tolerance, dependence, and withdrawal symptoms. Gradually reducing the dose of Ambien over time can reduce the chance of these problems. Some people, while taking generic zolpidem for a sleep problem, may find that an undiagnosed psychiatric condition, such as depression, appears. People with psychiatric conditions who are taking zolpidem may experience some behavioral changes.

It is important to get at least eight hours of continuous and uninterrupted sleep after taking Ambien. If you wake up before this time has passed, Ambien may cause you some memory problems. Also, you have no memory of what happened from the time you woke up until the effects of the drug wear off. Do not share your medicine with other people. It may not be suitable for them and may harm them.

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